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Due to the expansion of business in large companies, it becomes necessary to increase the staff. The desire of entrepreneurs to bring the company to a new level and earn more income has influenced the improvement of the organization of working labor, constant developing and applying the latest techniques and technologies in the field of recruitment and HR management.

The need for new employees may exceed the staffing plan, which has led to the formation of such a concept as “Outstaffing”. Outstaffing is the hiring of a specialist working in a contractor company (outstaffer) to work on a specific project in the customer company.

We are talking about attracting third-party specialists to the work in the company who are not on its staff, hence the name of the industry that gave rise to the category of freelance specialists. To keep a full staff of high qualified experts is a costly measure, particularly if the organization has seasonal work-tasks.
In this situation, it is considerably more productive to take advantage of provision of personnel to evade pointless spending on regulatory issues concerning staff upkeep. Hiring employees becomes the only right option.

An excellent method that is in particular demand in a crisis period

The company’s management objectively assesses its capabilities and admits that the number of employees currently on the staff is insufficient to have time to hand over the project on time.

An outstaffer organization comes to the company’s aid, ready to provide an additional workforce from its staff in the required amount. For the customer company, this is beneficial, since it is economically inefficient to hire a large number of new employees on a permanent basis, for example, due to the seasonality of work or short-term objectives, or for some other reasons.

A new employee is hired, he performs his duties in the company, working alongside other members of the client’s team, his work is regulated by the management staff, but in fact he belongs to the staff of the outstaffing agency. At the same time, the client pays the contractor for outstaffing services under the contract, and he, in turn, pays the salary to the specialist.

If earlier such a situation was regarded by the state as an attempt to evade taxes and was not encouraged, today outstaffing is completely legalized and represents an excellent help in business optimization.
Outstaffing has become an excellent form of recruitment that helps to cope with difficulties during a crisis. It helps to reduce the company’s expenses and optimize its income, as well as affects the favorable formation of corporate relationships.

FCHAIN developing Outstaffing service in Russia

The growth in demand for outstaffing services among different areas of business in Russia pushed Financial Chain Corporation to start this activity. Today, at the disposal of local enterprises and domestic entrepreneurs in the Moscow region is a list of services, including outstaffing, which couples with full customer legal and accounting support, HR and business consulting when signing the personnel assignment agreement.

The contemporary FChain HR team takes the employment process seriously and takes care of your current business goals. Advancing with the obligations means appointments of full liability for its employee-seeking actions for customers and effective employment measures for specialists.
FCHAIN uses its locally-consistent work agreements to enlist labor force and represents a legitimate Employer of Record. With outstaffing from the FCHAIN you always have resources under your leadership as part of your team.


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