Accounting support - FCHAIN in Russia

Tax and accounting consulting is recommended for both start-up companies and entrepreneurs, as well as experienced market participants.

Considering the requirements of the Client, we are ready to provide various outsourcing services in accounting:

  • take responsibility for the full management of accounting;
  • provide one-time services under the contract, for example, before a scheduled audit or change of activity of the organization;
  • provide services that are required only in a certain period, for example, in connection with the seasonal activities of the company. It is unprofitable to maintain staff in the off-season and the transfer of accounting and tax accounting to a specialized company allows us to provide the organization with professional experts at a time when it is necessary.

Reasons you can entrust the accounting to Financial Chain Corporation:

    • We analyze the work of the previous accountant, identify financial and tax risks
    • We work with each client individually, delving into the details and specific characters of your business.
    • We will advise on how to reduce tax risks and optimize the tax burden.
    • The specialists of Financial Chain Corporation have many years of experience in accounting support: they check and eliminate mistakes in the documentation, control the correctness and preparation of all reporting forms for compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    • The activities of our company’s specialists are insured, we are responsible for our work.
    • When concluding the contract, we guarantee you continuous and high-quality service, timely delivery of accounting and tax reporting. You will no longer depend on the vacations or sick leaves of your staff members.
    • In circumstances where legislation is constantly changing, our specialists regularly undergo training and professional improvement.

Consulting services in accounting and tax issues

To feel confident in the market, your organization needs a clear picture of the activity presented by the accounting and tax reports.

Tax and accounting consulting is recommended for both first-time entrepreneurs and operating organizations.

Getting advice from specialists is the key to the economic efficiency of the company and proper planning of its further development.

Specialists of Financial Chain Corporation, which is a consulting company, are ready to advise you on the following issues:

  • organization and maintenance of accounting and taxation, foreign economic activity;
  • maintaining primary documentation;
  • reporting;
  • the procedure for calculating tax deductions in various tax regimes;
  • competent application of the current Russian legislation and its current changes;
  • conducting inspections by regulatory authorities and protecting your interests in case of questions and complaints;
  • assistance in tax planning, assessment of possible risks, optimization of the tax base;
  • assistance in choosing a tax regime.

Maintaining separate areas of accounting and tax accounting

The development and growth of the company leads to an increase in the burden on accounting professionals, which brings about, at a minimum, an increase in the staff of employees and an increase in labor costs.

As world practice shows, a cost-effective solution in this situation will be the transfer of certain areas of accounting and tax accounting to outsourcing company.

The outsourcing service will allow transferring part of the work to qualified specialists without drastic changes in the usual organization of business processes in your company. Through this, you can focus on the most important tasks.


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