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Bookkeeping and accounting - FCHAIN in Russia

To date, outsourcing of accounting is gaining popularity in the world – the transfer of accounting and tax accounting, as well as reporting to professional companies.

Is there any advantage in replacing your own accounting staff with the qualified services of an outsourcing company?

What is the use of accounting outsourcing services?

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, a certified specialist, an accountant or a staff of similar employees, should carry out accounting support for any commercial structures. Accounting specialists carry out current accounting and tax accounting in the organization, monitor the completeness of charging and timely payment of tax payments, the correctness of completion and processing of documents, and perform a number of important tasks in the field of functioning and development of the company.

The advantages of outsourcing include:

1. Savings in tax costs that the employer pays for his full-time specialists.

Every month, employers pay 30.2% of tax deductions from the official income of each specialist from their own funds. In addition, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, an must be paid leave and annual leave.

2. Lack of cost for the organization and maintenance of the workplace of a full-time specialist.

Such expenses include the Internet, telephone, utility bills, furniture for the workplace and necessary office equipment, including consumables for it and maintenance, stationary, etc.

3. Risk reduction. Lack of penalty costs.

The professional liability of the specialists of the Financial Chain Corporation is insured, i.e. we guarantee compensation for damage caused by accountant inaccuracy.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the director is responsible for the performance of a legal entity. The chief accountant is liable only under the labor code of the Russian Federation; therefore, he does not reimburse fines paid by the company (only within the framework of labor legislation based on the size of the official salary). The fines for inaccuracy and miscalculations of the accountant are paid by the owners from the profit of the organization, in other words, from their own pockets. When concluding an agreement with our company, we accept full responsibility for possible miscalculations of our specialists identified as a result of inspections by the tax inspectorate and state funds within the framework of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation for up to 3 years.

5. Accounting Automation. Lack of costs for the purchase and maintenance of the accounting program.

Accounting for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is organized using the 1C: Enterprise 8 program, which is fully supported and maintained at the expense of our company. The annual maintenance of the 1C Enterprise PROF program costs about 35,500 rubles per year, excluding the cost of acquiring the software product itself, additional necessary services, as well as servicing by a service engineer.

You get full automation of accounting and tax accounting without additional investments with us.

6. Operability and ease of control. Prompt acceptance of necessary reports

To be able to plan or analyze the work of the organization, you can promptly receive the necessary current and consolidated reports for the required period of the company’s activity.

Exchange of working papers is carried out by e-mail (scans, photos) or by courier.

6. Data protection. Confidentiality

Information security is a key point in the work of our experts and is organized with the help of modern hardware and equipment that ensure the security of confidential data and is a prerequisite for a service agreement.

7. Expert assistance.

Our clients have a whole staff of professionals at their service, who are ready to provide qualified assistance in matters of corporate law and, of course, maintaining or organizing accounting and tax accounting.

9. More time for business.

We offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing the accounting of your company, as well as the opportunity to concentrate all your efforts on business processes and increasing profits.


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