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Consulting - FCHAIN in Russia

Some companies or entrepreneurs do not need the constant professional support of specialists, but sometimes certain issues arise that you are not ready to solve on your own. In such cases, you can always use a one-time specialized service.

Financial Chain Corporation specialists are ready to offer a range of various services related to accounting services.

We offer one-time accounting and other types of services:

  • Recovery of accounting and tax accounting;
  • Assistance in choosing a tax regime;
  • Choice and formation of accounting policies;
  • Preparation and submission of zero reporting;
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly reports;
  • Preparation of Form 3 Personal Income Tax;
  • Formation of acts of reconciliation with counterparties;
  • Inventory of assets / liabilities;
  • Assistance to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in opening current accounts;
  • Assistance to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in unlocking current accounts;
  • Representation in the tax inspectorate, state extra-budgetary funds, banks, judicial institutions, etc. on a variety of issues.


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