Payroll services - FCHAIN in Russia

Calculation of wages is a labor intensive and complex process. Generally, in small companies, it is carried out by the efforts of the chief accountant; in larger organizations, individual specialists are assigned or departments are formed for this task.

Today, more and more companies are thinking about outsourcing payroll job, that is, delegating this section of accounting to a specialized company.

Benefits of outsourced payroll services

1. Reduction of dependence on the full-time specialist.

It is not easy to find a qualified accountant with the appropriate degree of professionalism and practical experience in various fields of business who is always up to date with the latest legislative changes and regularly raises his qualifications

For this reason, outsourcing companies, nowadays, are gaining more and more popularity in the market of services and allow receiving high-quality service by professional specialists at an affordable price.

If your company already has a full-time accountant, outsourcing will help you reduce his workload, save you from many routine operations, and make his work more efficient.

2. Cost reduction.

The effectiveness of outsourcing can be assessed both from an economic point of view, and from the position of related benefits.

Transfer of the function of calculating wages, as well as other functions, to a specialized organization reduces the costs of the employer to pay full-time employees, the need for bonuses, training, and advice on labor and tax laws, as well as the costs of  staff work place arrangement.

Also, the indisputable advantages of outsourcing services include the quality of the services provided, as they are performed by qualified specialists, reasonable cost, ease of interaction and control.

3. Quality assurance and execution of tasks at stated time.

The calculation of wages, charges, tax deductions, terms of payment of advance payments to employees, vacation pay, sick leave, compensation are regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and are one of the actively developing and constantly changing areas of legislation in Russia.

Untimely application of changes to legislation, errors in payroll calculations, violation of the deadlines for paying taxes and deductions lead to penalty charging by the controlling bodies.

Cost reduction and cost savings are some of the main reasons for switching to outsourcing, but not the only ones.

One of the main advantages of outsourcing non-core functions is the systematization and optimization of business processes within the company, the reduction in the number of fines and claims from the controlling bodies and significant resource saving.

Having studied all advantages of outsourcing, more and more managers conclude that it is most likely to get cost-effective, reliable and quality payroll services combined with the optimal cost of servicing in specialized outsourcing companies.


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