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HR Administration - FCHAIN in Russia

Today, personnel records in an organization means the activities of personnel services or specialists related to the selection and management of personnel.

HR administration is an independent area where the main issues are regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of other legal acts.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, employers are required to develop, approve and maintain a number of mandatory personnel records.

Outsourcing of personnel records

Personnel is the main treasure of any enterprise. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, every organization shall maintain personnel records reflecting the employee’s labor relations with the employer.

In accordance with Article 419 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, persons guilty of violating labor laws and other acts containing labor law are brought to disciplinary and material responsibility in the manner prescribed by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, other federal laws, and may also be brought to civil legal, administrative and criminal responsibility.

A great misconception is that any employee, who is at least a little familiar with the rules for registering labor relations, can maintain personnel records. This misconception leads to various violations in the field of personnel records management, including very significant ones.

HR administration specialist must have such a quality as literacy, be legally versed in these matters, have practical experience and knowledge of special programs.

Several problems an organization may face when maintaining personnel records

  1. Errors in the publication of documents.

Orders for the hiring or dismissal of employees, their transfer within the organization, job changes drawn up by an unauthorized person or in violation of the labor laws of Russia are invalid.

  1. Difficulties in maintaining work books.

Установлены определенные правила заполнения и учета трудовых книжек сотрудников любой организации, которые неквалифицированный сотрудник может не знать.

Certain rules have been established for filling out and registering work record cards for employees of any organization that an unskilled employee may not know.

  1. Ignorance of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Tracking all changes in the legislation takes a lot of time, so not every employee will do this. For example, in connection with the latest amendments to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data”, administrative liability for offenses in this area has been significantly tightened.

During inspection, the labor inspectorate writes out a number of fines equal to the number of violations, for each mistake made during the execution of personnel documents

The absence of a full-time HR clerk may not negatively affect your organization if you transfer this section of accounting to the specialists of the Financial Chain Corporation consulting company, who can efficiently, competently, fully or partially carry out HR clerical work for your company. Our experts guarantee the passage of all audits of the labor inspectorate.

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Reasons to outsource calculation of wages and personnel record keeping to Financial Chain Corporation consulting company

  • Our 13 years’ experience gives us confidence in the fulfillment of all the tasks assigned to us.
  • The stored knowledge and experience working with companies in various fields of activity allows us to accurately establish business processes in any organization.
  • We guarantee confidentiality and complete security of both personal and commercial data of all our Clients.
  • We employ only highly qualified specialists with wide practical experience in the development and implementation of projects that constantly follow up all changes in legislation.
  • Under the service contract, our consulting company, Financial Chain Corporation, assumes all financial risks associated with the quality and timing of services.
  • Before being sent to the client, all calculations are subject to multi-level verification, which gives a guarantee of the quality of services provided by our specialists.

Thus, working with us you will be fully focused on your strategic tasks aimed at developing your business.

For more information, fill out the application form on our website and our specialist will contact you.


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