Tax accounting - FCHAIN in Russia

Taxation issues have always been and still remain the most important issues in the companies.

How shall a company adapt to the existing requirements of the law in such a way that its activities are profitable and legal?

Record keeping

Inside the Russian Federation, along with the organization of accounting, each company must maintain tax records and file tax reports. For competent tax accounting and tax reporting preparation, professional knowledge of Russian tax legislation is required.

Incorrectly prepared tax reporting and errors in the calculation of taxes are identified on desk and field audits by the regulatory body and lead to the application of penalties.

Untimely filed tax return, a declaration submitted in the invalid form, untimely response to the demand of the tax office lead to the blocking of settlement accounts of organizations.

Today tax accounting services are in great demand.

The demand for such services is explained by the fact that the preparation and drawing up of tax reporting is significantly different from the organization and maintenance of accounting.

The peculiarity lies in the systematization of information on financial transactions and economic activities of the company in order to determine the taxable base for taxes on a certain date.

What do the Financial Chain Corporation specialists do?

Our experts analyze and systematize the collected information. The results of the data obtained reflect the following aspects of the organization:

  • determination of income and expenses;
  • formation of expenses subject to deduction of the tax base for the current period;
  • the formation of expenses that relate to the next accounting period;
  • determination of reserves of income and their sizes;
  • calculation of debts with the tax budget.

The Tax Code of the Russian Federation expressly states that all documentation of an organization must be economically justified, confirmed by primary documents and reflected in tax ledgers.

Special knowledge is required for error-free calculation of income and expenses that will be taken into account in taxation and in calculating profits, as well as preparing reports. Inexperience or inadequate qualifications of a full-time employee may entail unforeseen expenses, at best, and tax offenses and administrative or criminal liability of the company and the head, at worst.

To avoid such situations in Russia, we offer to entrust the maintenance of tax accounting to professional experts of Financial Chain Corporation and apply for this service to the Russia branch of our company.

Consulting services in accounting and tax matters

In order for your organization to feel confident in the market, a clear picture of the activity presented by the accounting and tax reports is necessary.

Tax and accounting consulting is recommended for both first-time entrepreneurs and operating organizations.

Getting advice from specialists is the key to economic efficiency of the company and proper planning of its further development.

Specialists of the Financial Chain Corporation consulting company are ready to advise you on the following issues:

  • Organization and maintenance of accounting and taxation, foreign economic activity;
  • maintaining primary documentation;
  • reporting;
  • the procedure for calculating tax deductions in various tax regimes;
  • competent application of the current Russian legislation and its relevant changes;
  • audits by supervisory bodies and protection of your interests in case of questions and complaints;
  • assistance in tax planning, assessment of possible risks, optimization of the tax base, assistance in choosing a tax regime


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