The demand for professional outsourcing services can be easily confirmed not only by active work with new clients, but by the duration of full-fledged cooperation with existing companies. Meanwhile, the names of many of them are well known in the international market, which means that they are truly professionals and leaders. It is long-term outsourcing partners who allow the FCHAIN team to be truly proud of their achievements and the company will definitely continue to develop. FCHAIN provides services for Sanofi in Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The provision of outsourcing and outstaffing services to the well-known pharmaceutical company Sanofi is one of the best proofs of the profitability of long-term cooperation. This is one of the main world leaders in the market, whose products are familiar to almost everyone. The headquarters of the company is located in Paris, and development in the European market takes place precisely through the well-coordinated work of the FCHAIN team. Indeed, the company does not have a separate office or a specially created legal entity on this territory. At the same time, there is guaranteed peace of mind about the correctness of the preparation of all reports and the timeliness of mandatory payments. Conducting important negotiations, monitoring changes in the markets, as well as amendments to the current legislation of the country is also part of our cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Indeed, only with such an attentive and responsible approach can one expect to conquer new horizons in Europe and in the world.

Absolutely every nuance of cooperation and work performance is discussed in advance. This determines not only the confidence and calmness of the FCHAIN client regarding protection from unwanted fines and possible sanctions, but also the ability to devote more time to the development and expansion without routine checks of primary documentation, drawing up reports and numerous document signatures. Working with Sanofi is a mandatory quality, correctness and impeccable attentiveness to all the details of accounting, administrative and legal work. That is why we can say that the future of pharmaceuticals represented by the French company is really in strong and reliable hands.

Of all others, we are the ones who are trusted with the most valuable things!

Best regards,

Lala Mammadova,
Business Development Specialist



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