Financial Chain Corporation – 18 years without the privilege for mistakes! - FCHAIN в России

On November 1, 2020, Financial Chain Corporation, one of the most famous outsourcing companies in Azerbaijan, celebrated its eighteen years.

Almost from the very beginning, Namig Gadirov, the founder and mastermind of the company, managed to captivate and unite dozens of experienced specialists from various fields of activity with a common idea. These are qualified economists and certified auditors. These are professional lawyers, experienced accountants, and effective HR managers.

Six branches of Financial Chain Corporation provide various services to their clients not only in our country, but also in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Over the years of the company’s work in the financial and industrial markets of Azerbaijan, the European Union and the CIS, thousands of enterprises and organizations have received effective consultations and outsourcing services on all issues of interest to them. Accounting and tax reporting was fully adjusted for some of them and systemic HR transformations were carried out and the necessary personnel documents were prepared for others, in accordance with the current legislation. All this was done with complete confidentiality and guarantees of legal security in the most difficult situations.

Financial Chain Corporation is constantly developing, preparing to open new branches, and setting presentday, ambitious goals. But the mission of the company always remains unchanged: to work with tireless diligence and full dedication for the good of the country, for the prosperity and well-being of its citizens, partners and clients.




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