FCHAIN's Birthday - FCHAIN в России

On November 1st the international company FCHAIN is 17 years old.  During this period reliable partnerships have been established with dozens of enterprises of various fields of activity including world-class manufacturers.

FCHAIN are grateful for the trust in each of our customers, because it is you who we are developing so actively, improving technology for.  You help us to move forward — we help your business to grow.

Expanding the working geography, we open offices and representative offices in different countries of the world.  The preparation of the seventh office project in Uzbekistan is nearing its end.

During these 17 years it has been possible to assemble a qualified team of lawyers, economists and accountants who will help with the solution of any managerial issue.  Consultations, internal audit, preparation of documentation, automation of business processes are far from an incomplete list of the main tasks that FCHAIN regularly solves for the comfort of partners.

Now more than 20 types of consulting services are provided, and over time this number will only increase, because we take into account current customer requests as much as possible, consolidating them with new market requirements.



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