Successful careers for talented youth start at FCHAIN - FCHAIN в России

Everyone, even the most successful top manager or businessman today, can remember how difficult it was to start his career. Especially if there were no people nearby who could competently prompt and show, orient in a difficult situation, or teach specific professional techniques.

The specialists of the FCHAIN Company know this very well. They have been practicing the system of engaging and training the best students for more than one year. After graduating from their universities, students remain in FCHAIN to work. A fusion of youth and experience — it is not just a beautiful phrase in this case. It is a recipe for achieving success, a guarantee of practical training of personnel. As a result, the constant demand for the services of the entire team of the company.

Today, 13-14% of FCHAIN Corp. employees are yesterday’s students who successfully transferred to full-time staff after the internship! And, as life shows, this approach to the selection of personnel justifies itself in all respects. Experienced specialists first carefully select applicants (and these are, as a rule, senior students of specialized institutions of higher education), and later, during the practice period, provide them with an opportunity to do real work, along with theory, under their own guidance and supervision. And this is really an invaluable experience for the young people to start their careers, especially considering that in the case of successful internship they get a guaranteed and prestigious job in a well-known international company. It is worth fighting for such a jackpot and showing yourself in this period as brightly and dignifiedly as possible.

A little practice is worth a big theory!

This year, the management of FCHAIN decided not to abandon the annual internship program and conduct it in accounting and auditing services, despite the difficulties and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The accounting department, one of the most experienced divisions of the company, directly supervises this direction.
The internship program is designed for three months, but despite such a short period, it is densely packed with practical information and includes the following sections:

• Financial settlements for outsourcing and accounting support;
• Taxation issues — tax calculations, tax optimization, preparation for a tax audit, tax planning, etc .;
• Initial processing of documentation and restoration of records;
• Qualified management of cash flows;
• Budgeting and financial forecast;
• Preparation and integration of documents into International Financial Reporting Standards


This year, such internship program will be held for students at the company’s headquarters in Baku, and at the Georgian branch in Tbilisi. But already in 2021, this experience is planned to be extended to other branches of FCHAIN Corp. — in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Moreover, students will be invited not only in the specialization of accounting and auditing, but in other main areas of the company’s activities as well, e.g. legal services and the selection and training of personnel.
And of course, one of the most topical questions among students during this period is how to get to FCHAIN Corp for practice? Our answer is: follow the announcements on the website, submit applications, and your candidacy will be considered and answered. Do not miss your chance; surely, it will be the first step to a serious and successful career.

Lala Mammadova,
Business Development Specialist.



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