Kazakhstan trends autmn 2020 - FCHAIN в России

Observing the situation in the world today, sincerely sympathizing, we can see the situation around COVID – 19 in Kazakhstan and it considered as calm even though cases exist but not over 600 in a day with the population of 18 million people.

We experienced rapid outbreak of the epidemic July-August. More than 5-7 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus and coronavirus pneumonia per day were discovered despite of the «soft» quarantine regime, when large facilities were closed (shopping malls, cinemas and theaters, religious facilities, gyms, swimming pools, large companies worked remotely same as the public sector), the rest of the facilities operated as before, keeping the mask mode, internal air traffic within the country was fully operational but external air traffic with other countries were restricted and maintained unavailable

It has been admitted stable decrease of epidemic situation in the country from September to these days, consequently, quarantine has been weakened. However, the country has not been opened up completely, likewise in the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the reduction of quarantine measures has a positive effect on the business climate in the country. Cinemas and theaters, religious sites, as well as shopping centers and catering facilities inside the shopping center have reopened their doors on weekdays as well as Saturdays. This relaxation of quarantine allows many areas of business to be reanimated and provides new opportunities for starting business in Kazakhstan.

According to the situation in autumn of 2020, we recommend to turn interested entrepreneurs an eye on Kazakhstan in the purpose of opening business and entering the market with new ideas, decisions, offers due to pleasant business environment. We totally understand that it’s complicated to move in to the country if there is no air traffic, so we offer an effective solution for the time of lockdown: we can register a company and open bank accounts remotely after receiving a letter of attorney from a business owner. The process of company registration and bank account opening remotely takes from 1 month, meanwhile an entrepreneur doesn’t need to visit Kazakhstan in advance and spend time at different instances and banks. FCHAIN cares about everything, rely on us and receive qualitive services with reasonable prices.

With wishes of health, peace and well-being,

Your FCHAIN branch in Kazakhstan.





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