FCHAIN answers for the correct counseling and maintaining of tax records of our Customers - FCHAIN в России

Сертификат налогового консультантаThe desire to develop and acquire new skills is the main criterion for the work of FCHAIN specialists, which is once again confirmed by the receipt of the TAX CONSULTANT certificate by the chief accountant Dania Kilambaeva of the Kazakhstan branch of FCHAIN. The path to obtaining a certificate was quite long and difficult with a mandatory exam conducted after 4 weeks of study. Only half of 120 students were able to pass it successfully from the first attempt. Dania was among the first.

The training lasted 80 academic hours. The training resulted in a difficult exam in the form of situational tasks. It is no secret that any question in tax documents requires attention and accuracy, as well as the ability to build logical chains of answers depending on situations and changes adopted in the current tax code.

The issues of tax practice were studied:

  • key tax situations review practice;
  • tax planning and review of issues related to tax optimization;
  • protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and proper interaction with tax committee employees.

The acquired knowledge and skills are extremely useful when interacting with the tax committee. They become more relevant in the event of no-standard or controversial situations, which, as practice shows, can arise quite often in terms of taxation. Moreover, obtaining a certificate among the first participants is an additional confirmation of the high professionalism of our accountant Dania Kilambaeva.

The training and exam was conducted by the PROFITraining training center:

  • accredited by the organization as related to professional certification of accountants (certificate of accreditation No. KZ82VNK00000270 dated October 30, 2019;
  • accredited by the training organization DipIFR, Certificate of Accreditation of 09/26/2016;
  • accredited to the Professional Organization of Accountants (POA) of the Academy of Professional Accountants;
  • an associate member of this organization.


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