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  • The Financial Chain Corporation Branch in Georgia continues to work effectively and help entrepreneurs - FCHAIN in Russia

The Financial Chain Corporation Branch in Georgia continues to work effectively and help entrepreneurs - FCHAIN in Russia

We inform our clients and partners that the FCHAIN branch in Tbilisi continues to function having made the necessary reorganization, in accordance with the situation with COVID-19 and in compliance with security measures in the country.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world. Naturally, this indirectly affected the work of our company and its six branches in the Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan. In addition to the sanitary and epidemic situation in these countries, the pandemic has seriously hit their economies. In an effort to comply with security measures and follow orders from their governments, many businesses and organizations are re-closing or moving to limited hours. The fact that it is not yet very clear how to properly deal with this new virus is of particular concern in the world. There are no approved drugs against it, and an anticovid vaccine that has passed in trials all the necessary stages of confirmation of its effectiveness has not yet been invented.

·  Reference. The epidemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, when pneumonia of an unknown type was first discovered. At the end of the year, Chinese authorities informed WHO (World Health Organization) of the outbreak. A month later, WHO recognized the epidemic as an international health emergency, and named the disease COVID-19. As early as March 2020, a pandemic was declared.

Antiviral vaccine is being developed in many countries – the USA, China, Russia, Israel and others, but so far there is no result that would completely satisfy the medical men. It is planned that such a vaccine will appear no earlier than mid-2021.

Of course, no country in the world allows itself to wait for a vaccine to appear without doing anything to protect its citizens. Isolation measures, i.e. preventing the accumulation of citizens in public places, transport, in large work teams, etc. continue to be the most effective way to protect against disease since COVID-19 is transmitted mainly by airborne droplets (when breathing, sneezing, coughing) and is transferred by touching with hands when people are directly close to each other. These measures include the observance of the necessary distance between each other and the obligatory availability of personal protective equipment such as medical masks and gloves.

Georgia and the neighboring countries also actively adhere to all precautionary measures, nevertheless the dynamics of the development of the disease has significantly increased, especially during the dangerous autumn period.

·  Reference. As of October 21, more than 21 thousand of those infected with COVID-19 were recorded in Georgia. The number of deaths is 0.8%. About 60% from the total number are patients, and almost 43% recovered. The rest are in mandatory quarantine or in medical institutions under the supervision of doctors.

After analyzing the situation with COVID-19 in Tbilisi, the management of the company and our Georgian branch FChain Georgia made a decision to send to the home office some of the employees who are less directly related to clients in terms of their functions to remote work by November 2, 2020. This will reduce the risks of crowding of employees in the company office, and will not affect the quality and effectiveness of the services provided. We, a company that has been successfully offering outsourcing services to its clients for more than fifteen years, know better than anyone else does how to organize remote work correctly and in the most optimal way! At the same time, all employees who remain in the office are called upon to unconditionally observe all safety and security measures, i.e. wear masks, gloves, and the office itself is completely disinfected in accordance with current sanitary standards.

We hope that by the beginning of November the situation in the country and in the city will return to normal, and the company’s management will make decisions either to end homework for some employees, or, in case of negative developments, to extend the work of the home office.

It should be noted that in the central office of FChain in Baku, they also seriously approach the situation with COVID-19 in the countries where we have representative offices, the situation in Azerbaijan itself, and study the experience of possible work of some employees at home. In the event of aggravation of the sanitary-epidemic situation in the country and in the world, in addition to all the necessary precautions taken we and our other branches are also ready to consider this option to strengthen the protection of our employees, partners and customers.



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