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The constant efforts towards self-development and the opportunity of career growth at FCHAIN - FCHAIN in Russia

The constant efforts towards self-development and the opportunity of career growth at FCHAIN as additional proof of the professionalism of the work of its team

The ability to correctly formulate work requirements and clearly fulfill the assigned responsibilities allows the company’s specialists to work effectively with customers and their requests for outsourcing services. At the same time, the opportunity of career growth is also maintained within the company itself, which is extremely important for the successful development of the FCHAIN  business.

A prime example of professionalism in the work of the team is the recent appointment of Lala Mammadova to the post of business development specialist. Also, she will be responsible for the press and media relations. Previously, starting in 2017, the specialist had worked in the administrative department.

Among the main duties of Lala Mammadova, it is worth mentioning the correct and high-quality translation of working documents, letters, and contracts. Special attention is also paid to the experience gained in establishing contacts with people in carrying out administrative tasks. It is the presence of a sensitive ability to form an effective dialogue with new and existing customers of the company, as well as the ability to clearly formulate requests and solution options should serve as a reliable foundation for the further successful development of the business itself.

The FCHAIN management is confident that it is these acquired skills that will help the new specialist to quickly deal with new functions and provide the necessary contribution for the further successful development of outsourcing services of the company not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries.

Lala Mammadova’s correct pulsebeat and approach to the work must definitely help to find new questions and requirements in the appeal of the company’s customers, as well as contribute to the development of new and improvement of existing profiles in the provision of services. First, this concerns proposals for accounting and personnel accounting, legal support, as well as outstaffing and recruiting services, both for new individual entrepreneurs and already well-known large companies.

“New responsibilities and requirements attract and, at the same time, kind of alarm. After all, you need to learn new things and in practice prove the effectiveness of your work. I am always ready to develop my own skills and abilities; therefore, I am confident that I will be able to bring maximum benefit in my new position for the effective further development of the business. I am very grateful for the credence given to me and I will certainly apply best efforts for the high new results in my work. There is no limit to perfection, after all, and this is what the friendly, united FCHAIN team are endeavoring at!!!

Lala Mammadova
Business Development Specialist



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