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News ribbon Archives - FCHAIN in Russia

COVID-19 drastically intervened and disrupted our affairs and plans again, as it did for the other billions of inhabitants of the planet. We already wrote that in connection with the pandemic the branches in Georgia and the Czech Republic switched to a remote mode of operation. Although this did not affect the quality of the services we provide, it nevertheless required a break in the routine of work for our employees and some of the clients who are more accustomed to personal contacts.

So, in November 2020 FCHAIN was planning to open the next, seventh branch, now in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. This was consistent with our policy of not only intensive, but also extensive development of the company in new markets. However, due to the spread of the second wave of COVID-19, borders were closed in almost all countries, and a special mode of operation was introduced for enterprises and for the movement of people. Moreover, curfew was imposed in some territories.

The assignee of the new branch in Kyrgyzstan, managing partner of the Financial Chain Corpration Zaur Gadirov and a number of  managers who planned to attend the opening ceremony of our Kyrgyz office had to postpone the trip, as well as the opening of the branch to a later date. Unfortunately, no one can answer when this event will take place yet, since it depends on the pace of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic both in Kyrgyzstan and in other countries. We bring our regrets to our potential clients in Kyrgyzstan and assure them that as soon as the situation changes for the better, FCHAIN’s Bishkek office will immediately be able to provide them with the full range of services that the company’s specialists provide to their customers in other countries.

Our readers are reminded to closely follow the messages on the company’s website: https://f-chain.com/ and carefully observe all precautions at this time, which is difficult for all.

Information prepared by,
Lala Mammadova


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